There is one thing that foodies love to debate and that is the best burger and from where. Food tourism often includes burger stops, television shows often do segments on how to achieve the best burgers, and menus more often than not include this staple food. From fast food, and street trucks, to the casual and gastropub menus, the options for a good burger are aplenty. Even luxury fine dining gets in on the act with Wagu or Kobe beef options.

But let’s go back to the humble yet sophisticated gastropub burger available at The Cornerhouse, the best burger in our eyes. Inviting, delicious and from local suppliers. We take our farm to fork mentality very seriously, endeavouring to provide our customers with sustainably sourced meat from the local area. 

We have three options to choose from on our gourmet burger menu.

The Classic Burger, an 8oz beef patty with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion. You can turn that into a Double Burger  by opting for another patty. Or you can try an elevated burger by going for our Lux Burger. The Lux Burger includes foie gras mousse, white wine soaked cranberries, sautéed onions, arugula and camembert cheese.

We welcome burger enthusiasts to try our burgers. We know there is competition out there for the best burger but we believe we have the best burger in Stouffville (and beyond). With so many options and even burger bloggers spreading the word, we know that the burger trend is not a trend but a staple menu item that is here to stay. We would love to have you at The Cornerhouse in Stouffville to try our craft beers, gastropub menu and of course the best burger.