Love food ? Love craft beer? Do you love food and craft beer together?

The Cornerhouse on Main Street in Stouffville just outside of Toronto has 25 craft beers on rotation from local breweries. This paired with The Cornerhouse  gastropub menu of farm to table options makes for endless combinations to enjoy. We take pride in our well thought out menu and hand selected craft beers from the local area. IPA, Stout, Pilsner, Lager,Sour, Pale Ale – we’ve got you covered. A few of our local brewers include Old Flame, Town Brewery, Catapult, Beau’s Tagwerk and Wellington Brewery.

Craft beer is having more than a moment it is here to stay and going out for a meal is no longer reserved for the wine list. We heard the call and answered with 25 crafted local beers on rotation to offer more than than usual wine pairing. With local brewers comes unique flavours, even more so than wine! Beer brewers experiment with ingredients to change the flavour profile making craft beer exciting to pair with food. Barley adds a sweetness, hops for bitterness, yeast adds the characteristic breadiness, and they throw in nuts, chocolate, fruits, vegetables and spices in good measure. With all those fun ingredients it’s easy to see how varied craft beer is, and how it offers endless ways to pair with food.

There are few things to take into consideration when pairing beer with food. You can go the contrasting route or the complimentary route.  A contrasting pairing begins by selecting a dish with a dominant flavour (think oily or rich in flavour)  This pop of flavour will contrast the chosen beer.  On the other hand choosing a beer to compliment your food dish is an easier endeavour. Think sweet with sweet or light food with light beer.

Here are some cheat notes for craft beer and food pairings.

Pilsner’s go well with bread, seafood and other salty snacks.

Stout beer pairs well with chocolate, seafood, and both cured and roasted meats.

Wheat beer is your go to if you are opting for a salad, chicken, or seafood.

Sour beers are a fun pairing for fatty meats or fruits.