We’re not talking about Cumberbatch, but just as glorious! All benedicts are served with 2 poached eggs & hollandaise, with breakfast potatoes & apple cabbage slaw.
All benedicts are served with 2 poached eggs & fresh made hollandaise on a house made biscuit.
Cornerhouse Classics
Like perusing a vintage car show, everything here is classic, tried and true.

2 eggs any style, potato, biscuit, bacon or sausage

buttermilk style, stewed and fresh strawberries, maple syrup, whipped cream

served with fried potatoes

Add Bacon . . . . . . . . . $5.00

greens, grains, nuts, cheese, fruit in brown butter vinaigrette

potato, sautéed greens, 2 fried eggs

with tzatziki and grilled flatbread

with buttermilk biscuit, scallions, sour cream, and cilantro seedlings

white wine, garlic, tomato, parsley, Bread

Roasted pear, coconut fat caramelized onion, walnuts,  arugala